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Our annual publication, BCCG Yearbook, features articles on issues concerning British-German companies, services and trade. Most important for many companies targeting British-German business, the book includes classified  directories of  BCCG members. For more information about the content of  BCCG Yearbook excluding membership list (visible for members only under members only directory), please see:

Yearbook 2020/2021 - public version

Yearbook 2019/2020 - public version

Yearbook 2018/2019 - public version

Yearbook 2017/2018 - public version

The Yearbook is circulated to about 1,500 addressees, members, renowned companies and professionals, and is ideal to promote trade, products and services. Members also have the exclusive option to view the electronic Yearbook 2020/2021 in an interactive flipbook format including membership list and classified membership list (see Member Login). 
receive their copy of theYearbook free of charge and additional copies at substiantially reduced prices (100.00 € plus VAT / MwSt, subject to availability). If you are a member and wish to order additional copies, please contact us.

ADVERTISING in the upcoming BCCG Yearbook 2021/22

The Yearbook is an ideal medium to promote your business to our members and other business partners in British-German trade. Advertising by interested companies is very welcome and available to members at reduced rates. 

Advertising prices and details to follow.

For further information, please see also Advertising, or contact BCCG directly.



"Die BMW Group begreift sich als Good Corporate Citizen in den deutsch-britischen Handelsbeziehungen mit zahlreichen Standorten in UK. Ein Engagement in der Organisation der britischen Handelskammern ist selbstverständlich. Die BCCG hat sich in herausfordernden Zeiten zu einem großartigen Ideenbeschleuniger entwickelt."

BCCG-TestimonialStefan Hienzsch
Assistant General Counsel
BMW Group, München

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